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Monday, June 26, 2006

Don't ya hate it

how you borrow something and don't return it on time, and that puts you in the wrong. But when you come on time to return the thing you borrowed, and the person to receive it is no where to be found, they're not in the wrong for making you sit around waiting for them. Or maybe he is.

Anyway, I'm sitting in the computer room waiting for the computer dude to go back to his office so I can return and re-borrow this labtop (which, btw, I have never been late returning). For all the noise they make when a person doesn't return a labtop on time (I was walking with a friend once when they got a call from the office asking them to return the day late labtop), they sure make a good job of not being in the office when you come to return it. (wait, I think I just saw him pass by outside the

Well, I got the scholarship money today, so I'll be heading out to look for some more band score books. I finally finished the 100 dollar book card I bought off my friend, so I can start looking other places besides bookstores for the books I want. I may have been able to use that card in the music store, but it doesn't matter now since it's finished. And I found "Isolation" as well as "Blood"'s band score book. They sold them separate from the single's book for some silly reason, but they were only 500 yen each.

I chose my return date in August today when I was at the exchange office, so I'll hear back from them if they were able to find a plane ticket for that day. Looks like the year is coming to a close. Even though things weren't exactly how I wanted, I can definitely say my ability has improved a lot (most definitely my listening skills!).

p.s. Kimura Kaela is coming on Fujiyama Rock tonight. muwahahaha! And you thought you could sit through a whole post without me mentioning her, muwahahha! Is this fool back yet?

Friday, June 23, 2006

Did I mention I was psychic?

Yeah, so from time to time, I feel almost like I have a sixth sense about things. Usually there's a little voice in the back of my head making suggestions that sometimes turns out better when I listen to it. Anyway, so like a week ago I was at Shinjuku station about to buy a ticket to go home. I was going to pay with coins, but this little voice (I don't mean an actual voice! I'm not skitzo) told me to pay with a bill and I'd get back one of those silver 500 yens I've been wanting. (I keep getting them and spending them). So I stuck a bill into the machine and waited for my ticket, but it didn't give it to me even after pressing the button several times. This little square in next to the machine opened up and a woman stuck her face out and asked me if I had stuck a single 1000 yen in there. (Pretty weird since I thought it was just a wall). I told her yes and she gave it back to me and asked me to use the next machine since something was wrong with the machine. I stepped to the next machine, grabbed my ticket and silver 500 yen that came out with my change. Weirdness?

O, yeah, and it happened again tonight. I had rented a movie and was about to watch it, but the voice told me I should flip around the tv stations just in case there was something on I'd want to watch. Kimura Kaela was on Ontama on channel Asahi! I've seen it before, but I'm not really sure what it is. It's a really short show where music artists answer questions and type stuff on a cellphone I guess. I didn't actually catch what she was doing cause I was trying to get my stupid vcr to record. It's never worked since I bought the dumb tv and either turns on like it should or just switches off (it's built into the tv, so the tv switches off too). Yeah, so I didn't actually get to see too much of the show since it would switch off, I'd scream and bang on the buttons for 10 seconds, it would turn back on, I'd still try to record, and it would switch off again. ...I hate my tv. Hopefully, there's somebody out there who was recording it, and it will show up on youtube. It also did the same thing when I was trying to tape her appearance on Attention Please this week. Luckily, I had time to rush down to the music room (it showed up on youtube anyway). That might be what I'll have to do this Sunday cause I saw they're going to show some live of hers. goes past 10pm which is techinically when the music rooms closes. Usually, they let us stay after but...I don't know. I may have lost my bending the rules privileges because of last Sunday. But that's another story for another time.

Well, I'm going to go see if I can get this stupid tv to play my video that I just rented.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

It's out!!!!!

Magic Music PV/Music Video is out!!!

Honestly, I enjoyed watching the HeyX3 performance more, but it's still a snazzy PV (promotional video). Either way who cares cause you get to hear the whole song! Least I think it's the whole thing. Heyx3 perf was already a shortened version, so that would be pretty redundant. Pretty short song, though. Less than 3 minutes. Yes, I'm still writing this post the morning after the game. I haven't died yet. Ok, now I'm going to die in my bed. I think. good night

Curse you Japan!

I shake my fist at thee!!! I bought food and drinks! I carried it all the way back from Don Quiote! I emailed tons of people just to receive no answer! I went door to door searching for people who wanted to see the game! We stayed up till 4 O CLOCK IN THE MORNING!!!'t...broadcast...the game...between American...and...Italy...I hate NHK. And what was on tv? What was it that was so incredibly important! that they had to not broadcast the game?! Some stupid nature videos with Enya songs playing in the background! Some dumb puppies frollicking in a durn field! Here I was planning to throw on my Nakata jersey and wave my little Japan towel around for the game tonight. Forget that!

Luckily, we found something else to fill the time between 4 and 7am. Things that included watching a Boom Boom Satillite concert, bothering Jason who was fast asleep on the floor, dancing to rock music, and doing morning ballet exercises in sync with Nirvana music. Poor Shinosuke. He had wanted to see the game. The dude's got a part time job at 9am (he just left like 10 minutes ago). He didn't even get to see the game. O, well, it was a stupid tie anyway. I haven't slept since noon yesterday afternoon by the way. That's the kind of me that's writing this post. I did't drink any beer if you were wondering. The beer was for my friends cause they drink. I had the mixed drinks with only a bit of alcohol and a taste taht's like soda or punch. I hate the taste of beer, wine, sake, etc. It makes me hate drunk driving even more. I can't believe people die over something that tastes so nasty. Speaking of dieing. I'm going to go collapse on my bed and sleep till the game between Japan and CrowAsia starts at 10pm tonight. Oyasumi!

America better not lose today!

Cause I just spent 20 something bucks buying soda, chips, and beer for this soccer party tonight. All of which I had to haul all the way to the dorms from Don Quiote. Thank goodness it didn't rain for real cause it was tinkling the whole way back. I have no idea who's actually coming. I've got one certain and like 10 or 12 maybes/haven't answered back yets. We're either going to have way too much food or not enough (unless somebody else is bringing something, too).

I bought Tokyo Jihen's first album's band score today. I consider it a pretty awesome find. I'd be very surprised, and impressed, if a Japanese music cover band did a cover of Tokyo Jihen, so I'm really happy to have it. I really love the bass line for the songs, too. ^^ I also got the band score book for Mika Nakashima's single (written by Hyde),"Glamorous Sky". She usually does ballad type songs (I kind of wish she'd come to the states cause I'd like to take my sister to one of her concerts. I think she'd like her. ^^V), but the song was for the movie "Nana" which she was starring in. The musically theme was rock, so her usual style wouldn't have suited it. She makes a pretty darn cool rocker chick if you ask me. ^^V I'm annoyed that "My Medicine" was the only other song included in the book (though, I love the song a lot). I can do without "Blood", but I really really wanted "Isolation"'s music. O, well, maybe I can find it.

Live of Glamorous Sky (with Hyde on guitar) It really does sound like a song Hyde would sing. Not surprised he wrote it.

Some of her own songs

Yuki no Hana (very well known in Japan)

Cry No More

Friday, June 16, 2006

Cuteness overload!

Omg, I read last night that Kimura Kaela is going to be making a guest appearance on one of the spring dramas I've been watching called "Attention Please". I think I mentioned it before. It stars Aya Ueto and Kimura Kaela did the theme song. Aya plays as some misfit, tomboy who's trying to become a "kyabin attendento"(cabin attendent/stewardess) on Japan Airlines (JAL). It's been pretty interesting so far, and Kaela and Aya in the same drama will just be too much cuteness. No way on earth I'm going to miss recording this episode.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Humor is Emo

This video had me cracking up so bad. It's just a humor vid about an emo girl talking about random things. It's so funny and random.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Ugh, what's wrong with my stupid internet. It took my like 10 minutes and X tries to finally get to this stupid page. Whatever. Anyway, here are the pictures from last week's trip. ^^ It's amazing how one kind spend two days traveling around Japan and not even know where they went, lol! Yeah, that was me, but I have figured out where we did actually go. It was Nagoya and Gifu Precture.

Part 1

Part 2

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The case of the stinky nose

Yeah, so this is yet another Kimura Kaela centered post. I'm telling you I'm addicted to this girl. She was on Hey!Hey!Hey! last night, and I missed it....But! Luckily, the wonderful Kaela fans at youtube uploaded it, so I didn't miss a thing. She performed her upcoming single "Magic Music". and it rocks! I wanna get up and dance around everytime I hear that song. I can't wait till the end of June. This is the first time I've actually wanted the mp3 to an upcoming music release to be leaked early. I got the lyrics completely mixed up, though. When I first heard the clip at her site, I thought she was saying "I met a boy" and "He gots a girl", but it was actually "ame na boy" (rain boy) and "higasa girl" (parasol girl). XD oops!

The talk time with the hosts was so cute. She made her favorite kind of Monja for them and was wearing this adorable little apron with "Monja Kaela" written on it. While she was cooking the Monja, they asked her to tell them about "The case of the stinky nose". It was cool because I could actually understand the main jist of the story even before I went through it with my dictionary. I had to rewatch the video 3 or 4 times, though, because I kept getting distracted watching Kaela make the Monja.

Anyway, as the story goes, she had a strange habit when she was a child of randomly shoving things up her nose. BB gun bullets, marbles, money, anything that would fit, she'd cram it in there. One day she removed a band aid she'd been wearing because of some injury and, of course, put it in her nose. When she tried to get it out, though, it ended up getting stuck up there. For whatever reason (didn't catch it if there was one), she didn't tell her parents about it...for 3 whole weeks. It started to smell really bad, and her teacher even had a meeting with her parents about it.
"umm...lately, Kaela-chan has been smelly really bad, but..umm...have you been bathing her?"
Parent's response "Yes, we've been bathing her, but...yeah, she really has been smelly bad, hasn't she?" (The way she said it in Japanese was so funny)
Anyway, she still kept quiet about it, and her parents still didn't know. They finally noticed, though, when a strange, colored snot started leaking out her nose. The finally got the band aid out (not sure what they did to get it out), and when it came out of her nose all this blood came gushing out. It was really bad, but her parents were laughing hysterically.