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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I need to be full-time again

This part time gig is really making going to school seem worthless. T_T I'm at College Park now doing my Japanese major, but I'm only taking my one Japanese class this semester. I'm taking the train instead of driving, so it takes about four hours going and coming. This morning was really annoying because the stupid train doors for the metro didn't close, so everybody had to get off. I tried walking the rest of the way to the next station, but I saw the train was going to leave without me. I switched and went to Penn instead. I wouldn't mind it so much, but to do all that just to go to school, sit for 1 hour 40 minutes, then go straight back home...>_<

And, yes...I don't like my teacher, so it's not making it feel any less...whatever. No real reason. I just...kind of resent her. I liked her fine on the first day, but, since I wasn't even on the hold list for the class, I talked to her during the break to make sure of things. She just had this really annoying tone like "You should have done this already!" tone. I wanted scream "Look, woman! I just got back from japan last week! I didn't have time to go to orientation, so I couldn't put my name on the stupid waitlist! and stop talking to me like I'm a child!" Let's just say our first one on one conversation went very bad. Bad enough that I listened to Trill Trill Recur for the rest of the break. (my song for when I'm moody/angry)


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