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Sunday, September 24, 2006

muwahaha! I rule...

ok, not to get a big head over it, but I had an awesomely random moment in class on Friday. We started the restaurant unit in class, so we're learning to order and such. My teacher did an exercise where she was the customer and whoever she called on was the waiter. I was the second (and last) person she called on. I guess my turn went on for a little while. We had actually menus in front of us, so she was asking all kinds of question "What's this? What flavor juice do you have? Do they come in small, medium, and large?". I was having tons of fun with it cause I absolutely love speaking Japanese, and speaking with someone who can properly correct you (in English!) is like a dream come true. Anyway, right after my turn was done, she told us to split off into pairs to practice the same skit so we could "perform" it later in front of the class. When I sat down next to my partner he was like "How'd you know all that *censored*?!" (me with surprised and confused look) "The vocabulary...and..stuff?!". I kind of feebly mumbled that I'd just spent a year in Japan and my old school used the same book, so I'd already done this unit.

lol, but his reaction seemed so random to me. I guess I hadn't thought about it during the drill because I was having so much fun getting to use my Japanese. Still, in a class where everyone is presumed to have only one year of study, a student suddenly prattling off fluently would be kind of off. Thinking back to my 201 days, yeah, it would be very off, lol! XD Not to mention, he might have pegged me as a moron (a well deserved assumption). 10 minutes before, I had been paired with him for one of those stupid Q/A drills. I always have a terrible time with forced conversation drills especially a drill where you specifically MUST use a certain grammar pattern. I hate making simple "see Jack run" sentences, but I usually have to and after taking 20 seconds just to come up with do seem kind of dense. That could have been what he thought, so for me to suddenly start speaking well would probably be a surprise, lol! Not that he gave any indication that he thought I was stupid or had an attitude. I'm just trying to analyze his surprise cause I didn't realize I had just shocked the class. XD

Anyway, it's nice to know my Japanese is coming along. ^^V


  • At Mon Oct 02, 10:47:00 AM , Blogger said...

    You go girl. It is so easy to get caught up when you are in your element. Isn't it wonderful to finally "fit in" somewhere and have something that fills those spaces that it seemed were impossible to fill. Do your thing, sista-gurl, and don't let the response of others (whose element may not be the same as your) slow you down. If you let people move you at least use them as momentum to move you forward.


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