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Sunday, September 24, 2006

muwahaha! I rule...

ok, not to get a big head over it, but I had an awesomely random moment in class on Friday. We started the restaurant unit in class, so we're learning to order and such. My teacher did an exercise where she was the customer and whoever she called on was the waiter. I was the second (and last) person she called on. I guess my turn went on for a little while. We had actually menus in front of us, so she was asking all kinds of question "What's this? What flavor juice do you have? Do they come in small, medium, and large?". I was having tons of fun with it cause I absolutely love speaking Japanese, and speaking with someone who can properly correct you (in English!) is like a dream come true. Anyway, right after my turn was done, she told us to split off into pairs to practice the same skit so we could "perform" it later in front of the class. When I sat down next to my partner he was like "How'd you know all that *censored*?!" (me with surprised and confused look) "The vocabulary...and..stuff?!". I kind of feebly mumbled that I'd just spent a year in Japan and my old school used the same book, so I'd already done this unit.

lol, but his reaction seemed so random to me. I guess I hadn't thought about it during the drill because I was having so much fun getting to use my Japanese. Still, in a class where everyone is presumed to have only one year of study, a student suddenly prattling off fluently would be kind of off. Thinking back to my 201 days, yeah, it would be very off, lol! XD Not to mention, he might have pegged me as a moron (a well deserved assumption). 10 minutes before, I had been paired with him for one of those stupid Q/A drills. I always have a terrible time with forced conversation drills especially a drill where you specifically MUST use a certain grammar pattern. I hate making simple "see Jack run" sentences, but I usually have to and after taking 20 seconds just to come up with do seem kind of dense. That could have been what he thought, so for me to suddenly start speaking well would probably be a surprise, lol! Not that he gave any indication that he thought I was stupid or had an attitude. I'm just trying to analyze his surprise cause I didn't realize I had just shocked the class. XD

Anyway, it's nice to know my Japanese is coming along. ^^V

Friday, September 15, 2006

Did you get any of that?

o_0 Ok, I just finished watching Underworld: Evolution. The absolutely awesome sequel to one of the coolest Vampire movies ever...or so I thought. About the sequel that is. Ok, first of all, I saw the first movie maybe two years ago, so the only character name I remember is Michael(If you know my brother's name, you know why I remember). So the first 15 minutes are like "Wait, who's going to kill someone? Isn't that the werewolf dude who's already dead? O, wait, he is dead! That's the name of the traitor vampire dude with the weird accent. Wait, now he's dead, too! Celine? I thought her name was Anna? No, that's her character in Van Helsing!" Then by the time you've placed the names, remembered who's dead, who's still living, and who's a new character, EVERYBODY! is dead, the movie is over, and Kate and Michael are making out.

I'm so sad to say there was absolutely no story whatsoever. I'm serious. There was none. They through some flash back in at the beginning to get you all excited because you thought you were about to get a well thought out, intricaate story with twist, turns, deception, and a jaw dropping conclusion. It was just violence, some hanky panky to get the R rating for sure, more violence, more blood, more hanky panky for kicks, fighting, dieing, and...Kate and Michael making out with the sun coming. You know that point in a movie when you get to a certain scene and you just know when this scene finishes the movie will be over? I don't think it's a good thing if the viewer, at that point, is in total disbelief that you would dare think to end this movie while their "entertainment gauge" is still well below the 25%.

I'm very mad! I love Kate Beckinsale in these type of movies! Whether she's a vampire herself or just slaughtering them, she's cool! But could you at least give us a story?! It's not as cool if there's no story. I'm guessing they threw this movie together to gross some cash for the next movie...the next big, awesome, well thought out movie that had better have an excellent story.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I need to be full-time again

This part time gig is really making going to school seem worthless. T_T I'm at College Park now doing my Japanese major, but I'm only taking my one Japanese class this semester. I'm taking the train instead of driving, so it takes about four hours going and coming. This morning was really annoying because the stupid train doors for the metro didn't close, so everybody had to get off. I tried walking the rest of the way to the next station, but I saw the train was going to leave without me. I switched and went to Penn instead. I wouldn't mind it so much, but to do all that just to go to school, sit for 1 hour 40 minutes, then go straight back home...>_<

And, yes...I don't like my teacher, so it's not making it feel any less...whatever. No real reason. I just...kind of resent her. I liked her fine on the first day, but, since I wasn't even on the hold list for the class, I talked to her during the break to make sure of things. She just had this really annoying tone like "You should have done this already!" tone. I wanted scream "Look, woman! I just got back from japan last week! I didn't have time to go to orientation, so I couldn't put my name on the stupid waitlist! and stop talking to me like I'm a child!" Let's just say our first one on one conversation went very bad. Bad enough that I listened to Trill Trill Recur for the rest of the break. (my song for when I'm moody/angry)

Monday, September 04, 2006

So my friends like Saku Saku...

Saku Saku is the crazing music variety show that Kaela Kimura was on for 3 years. She co-hosted it with a puppet and several other zanny characters. XD Now that we know what that is...XD

So I went to visit my brother and brought my Saku Saku dvds along. I figured, since his housemate/best friend/my friend too is a genius who mods everything, there was some sort of customized electronic equipment sitting around his apartment that I could use to view it (stupid regions on dvds!). I'd brought them in a bag of clothes for my brother. Jason started fishing around in it (must've been looking for food) and found the dvds. I asked if his xbox could do Asian regions, and he popped it in for me. Long and short...he absolutely loved it. I was so surprised. I think my brother even found it amusing. (he said Kaela was cute) Jason was practically obsessed with it. We went out to get food on the campus (they live in the on campus apartments), and he was singing the little mario bros wanna be music from the beginning scene. XD Later he was still watching it. This is all without any subs, and I wasn't really doing any translation for him. He must have watched the beginning six times and was even trying to get their other 2 housemates to watch it. He loved Vincent's theme video where they're dancing around. XD I think he may be smitten with Kaela. (who isn't?) He kept using the zoom feature on her, lol!

I just find this funny because they are both always teasing me about my Japanese interest. I didn't even force Jason to watch the dvds. XD I'm gonna try burning Kaela's music on a cd and giving it to him, lol! One can try.