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Monday, June 29, 2009

Cause everybody loves a good SCANDAL

Yeah, so I've been really bored and figured it's because I haven't been that into jpop lately (or blogging). So this summer I'm hurling myself head first back in to the jpop world to scrounge up some new stuff to treat my ears to.

First on the menu is the freaking awesome band SCANDAL hailing from OSAKA, Japan. Well...technically they're not all really from Osaka...but doesn't that sound cooler? XD (Course they had me from Japan) I actually discovered this band a while ago when I was checking out the line up for Japan Nite Tour 08. (This was back in their indie phase) I was very intrigued by the fact they were represented by cartoon characters rather then having pictures of themselves. It made me think of the gorrillaz. (and who doesn't love a band that has Cibo Matto's Miho Hatori on their track) I checked out their myspace page and the rest is history.

As of now, it looks like they have left their indie label and are now with Sony (epic records). I am sooo glad about that because I couldn't find their stuff anywhere online to buy when they were indie. They have released 3 singles so far which can be found on "Shoujo S" being their latest one. I think it's awesome they are with Sony because I have always seen Sony as a good place for artists who write their own stuff and are in it for the music. I could be totally wrong about that, lol! But a lot of good artists who write their own stuff (or are just plain awesome!!!) are under Sony. *shrug*

Anyway, here's the rundown of the awesome gals that make this band so great, plus, some vids from youtube. Pretty awesome that all the girls get a chance to sing.

Haruna Ono (vocals, guitar)
Tomomi Ogawa (bass, vocals)
Mami Sasazaki (guitar,vocals)
Rina Suzuki (drums,vocals) <--- their myspace <---- homepage (the japanese version has the latest info. The English version is pretty behind.)





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