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Friday, July 20, 2007

Breaking the silence!!!


Yes, it's been almost a year since I last posted. Some stuff has happened but not much. I got an A in my japanese classes, I moved to my own apartment, and I went to see a jpop concert today! ^__^ yay!

So, yes, I've decided to just turn my blog in to a review of any jpop happenings in my area or that peak my interest enough to write about them.

Tonight, I had the pleasure of seeing AAA's (Triple A) concert down at Otakon. No, not the car company. AAA=Attack All Around...doesn't make much more sense when you spell it out, but, hehe. I'm very happy to say that I actually know who they are and have heard their songs. I caught their debut during the first week or so that I was in Japan and even I saw them perform live during the last few weeks before I left Japan. I went to a fire works display with the English club. It turned out there was a bunch of Avex artists performing in a concert before the fireworks, and AAA was one of them.

So, yeah, the guy's are hot. I mean...really hot! Like...I would totally glomp them all hot. And the one I think is the hottest (cause he looks like jun matsumoto from Arashi) speaks really REALLY good English. I was surprised. He and one of the girls were chattin it up with the crowd.

I'm sorry to say I don't think the crowd took to them too well. I mean, they cheered between songs and the MC session, but during the actually performances it was as dead as a crowd of Japanese people....and trust me...that's really dead. It's probably because most of the people aren't familiar with them. They only debut in Fall 05. I was really surprised to see they were coming so soon. And to Otakon no less! They also haven't done too many anime theme songs. In fact, I believe the only connection they have at all is "Blood on Fire" was the theme song for the live action of Initial D. That kind of limits you in a crowd of people who probably don't know that "Fukai Mori" and "Ichirin no Hana" actual exist a part from the animes Inuyasha and Bleach because actual musicians, Do As Infinity and High and Mighty Color, wrote them. As a lover of jpop, I really don't like those kind of people. It kind of seems disrespectful...or maybe cause it just makes it less likely my fav artists will play in the US

Anyway, other than that it was a fun, yet short, concert. I was close enough to not have to squint and familiar enough with the songs to not stand there feeling dumb founded. Definitely would see them again.

p.s. I'm very sorry Misako Uno (AAA member) but there is no way I'm going to rent Grudge 2 just to see you in it. I just finally started sleeping at nights with the lights off and not fearing a zombie/living dead/whatever she is Japanese woman will pull me up into my closet, appear suddenly underneath my covers and pull into a sudden whole that opens in my bed, or send her freakish offspring to frighten the wits out of me. gomen nasai m(_ _)m