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Friday, September 15, 2006

Did you get any of that?

o_0 Ok, I just finished watching Underworld: Evolution. The absolutely awesome sequel to one of the coolest Vampire movies ever...or so I thought. About the sequel that is. Ok, first of all, I saw the first movie maybe two years ago, so the only character name I remember is Michael(If you know my brother's name, you know why I remember). So the first 15 minutes are like "Wait, who's going to kill someone? Isn't that the werewolf dude who's already dead? O, wait, he is dead! That's the name of the traitor vampire dude with the weird accent. Wait, now he's dead, too! Celine? I thought her name was Anna? No, that's her character in Van Helsing!" Then by the time you've placed the names, remembered who's dead, who's still living, and who's a new character, EVERYBODY! is dead, the movie is over, and Kate and Michael are making out.

I'm so sad to say there was absolutely no story whatsoever. I'm serious. There was none. They through some flash back in at the beginning to get you all excited because you thought you were about to get a well thought out, intricaate story with twist, turns, deception, and a jaw dropping conclusion. It was just violence, some hanky panky to get the R rating for sure, more violence, more blood, more hanky panky for kicks, fighting, dieing, and...Kate and Michael making out with the sun coming. You know that point in a movie when you get to a certain scene and you just know when this scene finishes the movie will be over? I don't think it's a good thing if the viewer, at that point, is in total disbelief that you would dare think to end this movie while their "entertainment gauge" is still well below the 25%.

I'm very mad! I love Kate Beckinsale in these type of movies! Whether she's a vampire herself or just slaughtering them, she's cool! But could you at least give us a story?! It's not as cool if there's no story. I'm guessing they threw this movie together to gross some cash for the next movie...the next big, awesome, well thought out movie that had better have an excellent story.


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