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Friday, July 03, 2009

It's always sunny in LA...especially when Morning Musume is there!

The Morning Musume concert in California is today! ^_^V It starts in a few hours or so. I decided I wouldn't go after all because so much was going on in the month of July. A lot of it was family related, too, so you can't bail out on that. I'm not too worried, though, hehe. Upfront is super greedy, so I'm sure they are going to record every second that has to do with their Anime Expo 2009 debut in America. It'll definitely get put on dvd. I already had the luck of seeing Momusu when I was living in Japan, so I'm satisfied with a dvd. As always, I hope my fav artist will come back to America (and hopefully swing by the east coast)

Something super awesome I found...MOMUSU ON MYSPACE! How cool is that? They also have a contest going for who can create the best music video (or PV=Promotional Video as it's called in Japan)for their song 3 2 1 Breaking Out! There are tons of vids online that I'll be checking out. Hope everybody who went to the concert has tons of fun. Good luck to the girls. Hope they have loads of fun, too. ^_^V <---Momusu's Myspace


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