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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I got both of Kimura Kaela's albums this week, so I'm very happy. I love how Japan allows video stores to rent out cds, so I didn't even have to buy them. It was great fun riding my bike all over the place last night searching for her first album. I ended up getting a bunch of extra music in the process. We're going on a trip this Friday, so I wanted some new music to listen to on the bus ride. It's the same trip like last year when we went to Gunma and Niigata Prefecture. We're going somewhere else this time, though. Someone said it's like serious country. Perhaps a type of place where they haven't even seen foreigners before. yay....

Yeah, so it will be great fun waking up at 5 in the morning and having to make it to Shinjuku station, where the bus is taking off from, by like 8am. That's like an hour away from here by the way. At least, we don't have to walk through the bitter cold like last year. The sun has been starting to rise at like 4 in the morning, too, so it might end up being an enjoyable little stroll. I still haven't started packing yet. Well, at least, I did my laundry.

Ah, I can't wait to come back to the United States. So many reasons, but the number one is I want to start taking music lessons. I'm going to start a band that covers Japanese music. I found out that in bookstores you can buy band scores! I already have Kaela's "Circle" band score. I saw a bunch for Do As Infinity. Probably when summer break starts I'll go around buying all the books up that I want. I wish I had known about them during spring break. The only reason I chose a guitar over getting a bass was because I did't have any music to practice with. O, well.

You know, I've been thinking lately of adding music to my studies at school. I'll be switching to a new school when I get back so I can major in Japanese. I think that place is actually pretty well know for it's music program. Sometimes, I feel like my sister and I switched places. She started out with music and ended up with engineering. I started in engineering and ended up in the arts/humanties.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Congrats Class of 2006!!!

T__T waaah! I'm missing all my friends' graduations back in the US. Well, at least, I can say I knew people at school, and there are still others that will be there when I get back. I knew a few underclassmen, and some people, like my brother, are in really hard majors that actually take 5 years to complete. There will still be some peeps I know when I get back. I'll be switching schools anyway, though, so I guess it doesn't matter. Still, I'm sad that I won't be there to cheer them on and scream really loud when their name is called. Well, at least, I can say that even though I missed my US friends' graduation, I was able to attend a graduation for some friends I made here in Japan. So it's all a way, hehe.

Congratulations to everybody. You've worked so hard. Good luck with your future plans!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Can't Sleep, Can't Eat, I'm sick

and I will be until I get Amuro Namie's new single! 10 poings for having a saxophone intro! kyaaaa! It's so awesome! She's so cool! Her music is so tight! Why didn't I go to see her in Saitama this past fall?! I'm so stupid! Please have a tour before I leave! Omg, I've been listening to the video on youtube non-stop for the past 20 minutes! I'm going to make a music video of this for sure when I get it! It'll be my first dance video..well, besides the Tommy February one. I'm planning on just coming up with the dance myself (which will basically just be freestyling cause I can't dance) because I don't think the dvd has a dance version of the music video for me to learn the dance steps from. I have no money now, so I'll have to wait till next week. It works out, though, because I hurt my index and middle finger in basketball class last week. I still can't straighten them yet, so I'll have to wait for them to heal.

I saw her on Hey!Hey!Hey! this past week. She was so cute! They were talking about how she's never gone to one of those host bars, whatever they're called, (the place where you pay to hang out with hot guys) so they had a bunch of them in the studio. It was so funny because she was acting all creeped out by them especially this one guy who was kind of all up on her. (what guy wouldn't be if he was sitting next to Amuro Namie? lol)

Watch it!

I met the American couple today. They're from California (originally from Minnasoata..I can't spell). They're really nice. I think it's actually the husband who is here for teaching and not the wife.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

I think we're starting to have a history o_0 I'm typing this post....from my labtop. o_0 Yes, the one that I knocked off my desk and has been sitting, presumed dead, on the top shelf of my closet. I just randomly took it off the shelf and put the screws back in (I had tried opening it up, but I did't have a good enough screwdriver. Actually, I didn't even have a screwdriver; I was using a knife). I wasn't even paying attention when it turned on. *random realtime comment* omg, HG is singing the YMCA song on tv >_< *end comment*

This labtop must either love me or want to kill me in my sleep. Did I mention that I've killed it before? It's been in my house since I was in 11th grade. I accidently knocked a glass of water on to it. Boy, that was fun watching the screen go blank and thinking "My dad is going to kill me". Luckily, several months I walked out into the dining room and saw it sitting on the table alive. Apparently, my dad"s friend was able to send it back to the company and get it fixed for free since it was water I spilled on it and not something that left behind residue. I felt so bad for it. I actually walked up to it and apologized while patting it softly. *RRTC*Not only is the guy in Orange Range ugly, but he wears nasty wigs, too. <__< *end comment* Anyway, now I have to get used to using an English keyboard. Japanese keyboards are all mixed up.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

It's like a circle!

weeeee! The Kimura Kaela concert on Friday was awesome! I'm listening to "Circle" right now. It was definitely my favorite song at the performance. When she performed this song they had an awesome light show of green beams shooting around the audience. We were at an outdoor music hall, and it was the perfect night for it. I would definitely love to see her again especially since I only knew half the songs she sang. It was still a lot of fun. I hope she wants to venture outside of Japan someday, though, she may go to England before the US since she's half British. I have no basis for that statement, lol!


Happiness!!! (a very fun MV and song)

Beat (trippy o_O)

ah, yes, Golden Week is over now, so it's back to school tomorrow (and we have the internet back). We had a bbq yesterday which was tons of fun!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Let me know where to send the bomb

Ok, so it's "Golden Week" right now. The string of holidays in Japan that are so close together most schools, work places, etc end up getting an entire week off. Well, some clever chap up at the school thought it would be a good idea to shut off the internet in the dorms. I'm not giving them the benefit of the doubt that it was just a malfunction and nobody is around to fix it because they're on holiday. Some genius shut it off, for sure, leaving the entire dorms without internet for a week. I'm, of course, typing this from my exile in the internet cafe which is quite alright since I get to play my online game I can't play in the dorms.

It's been quite a fun week nonetheless. Started Friday off going to a concert with 3 of my friends on Friday (friend of a friend's band) and then went to a really cool Izakaya (bar but not like in the states) where I got to try frog. Saturday went out with the same friends, plus one more, to Harajuku. Sunday...mmm...well, nothing happened then except I accidently went to a mormon church, hehe. Monday and Tuesday I slept and veggied out at the internet cafe. Wednesday I ended up having a good time going out with 3 friends to Akihabara, Shibuya, and Shinjuku. I just happened to be walking out of the dorms the same time as them, and they asked if I wanted to come along. Today, I'm at the internet cafe again, but I actually bothered to do some studying this morning. I'm such a nerd. Tomorrow it's off to a Kimura Kaela concert. ^_^ weehee!!! I'm really excited!