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Sunday, August 12, 2007


My newest musical discovery, Go!Go!7188. I nearly went to see them in Pennsylvania last week, but I didn't have a car. T_T Didn't feel like losing 100 bucks for not working that day either. (who puts concerts on a Monday?! Crying out loud!) I guess I have hopes they shall return sometime. They probably will cause they were touring with Japan Nite 2007 back in March and here they are again. I of course totally missed that Jpn Nite tour because I'm an idiot. In my defense, they called it Japan Girls Nite US Tour back in 05. Punks changed the name on me! And I was on the look out for it too. Sort of...I think...not really I forget. Dang it, I'm going next year!

I do fear I may have missed the boat for Go-Go, though. Japanese peeps hardly ever come this far east. Must be something in the air they don't like.....they'll be back.

For your viewing pleasure.

Fat no Kare

Manatsu no Dance Hall

And you just gotta have myspace!

Actually, you don't but there's more videos on their page so...