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Friday, October 21, 2005

It's so pink!

I just came back from a concert. No, it's wasn't H!P. It was The Pink Panda! I watched a music video and a live from them in August. I checked their lists of lives this week and saw there was one in Yokohama, so I headed down there today. It was lots of fun because it was a really small venue (probably less than 50 maybe even 40 people), and, even though they've been on tv, the band is probably still pretty unknown. I am guessing this from the size of the venue, the fact that anyone who wanted to be was less than an inch from the stage, and people were even jumping onto the stage (while they were performing!) and jumping off into the crowd. Their fans are completely crazy! There was a very dangerous mosh pit of about 10 people going on right in front of the stage(I was right next to them, but there were 2 guys between me and them); I was worried someone was going to get killed. I had to laugh at one point because there was this one guy who jumped on to the stage ready to jump off into the crowd (what crowd?! It was 10 people in front of the stage!), two small girls (who he would have landed on!) saw him and ran away from the stage, so he had to kind of jump off to the side onto this guy. Smart girls...

It was cool because after the concert I went to the back to buy some of their stuff (their cd and a wristband). While I was getting my money out, the drummer came out to the table. The lady selling me the stuff told her what I was buying. She was really happy and handed it to me herself and shook my hand. I told her they were "saiko" (the best), and then, being brave, asked her if I could get her signature. I had brought my textbook (the same textbook I had DAI sign, so it's kind of becoming an autograph book), so I asked her to sign that. She told me the other members would be coming out, so I could wait if I wanted their sigs. I was only able to get the guitarist's (i love the star she had over her eye! It's so cool!), but that's ok. There's always next time.

There were several other bands playing along with them (they were the fifth band). I saw the band before and after them(i came late), and bought the cd of the former band. It was cheap, and I thought they were pretty good. (plus, they're indie. why not help em out?). The singer appreciated it. He came out to the table right after I had bought the cd. When the guy at the table told him I'd bought the cd, he shook my hand and thanked me. Another guy (who I'm guessing was his friend) shook my hand and thanked me, too.


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