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Monday, October 17, 2005

You look like a monkey...and you smell like one too!

(stupid me deleted my entire post and had to rewrite it >_<>
Tomorrow is a friend’s birthday, so I bought her a dvd of “Hitch” she said she wanted. I’ll give it to her tomorrow when I see her at lunch. She likes Will Smith. I asked her if she had seen “Fresh Prince of Belair(sp?)”, but she hadn’t heard of it. Maybe I’ll try to find a dvd of that since it’s so hilarious. I loved that show growing up. It reminded me of my own family because we also had a cousin living with us during my childhood. Even the ages and genders of the children were the same (oldest a girl, middle a boy, youngest a girl). And, yes, my cousin was just as crazy as Will Smith’s character.

How did my hair come out? Well, I basically paid 100 dollars to get my hair relaxed because he didn’t really style it. He dried it then used a straightening iron on it, so it came out dead straight in a very none stylish way. At least, he did a good job with the relaxing, but I’d be much better off doing the relax myself at home. Besides the fact that my mom can spend 9 dollars a box in the US (that can be used twice) and ship it to me, I also wouldn’t have to take an hour and a half trip (one way) out to Roppongi. Plus, I think the owner is crazy. o_0 He isn’t the one who did my hair (a Japanese guy named Ikko did it), but I heard him talking while he was cutting another customers her. It was things like “I know a man who can get me a gun. I am going to get a gun and shoot him”, “If he doesn’t give me my money, I am going to break into his apartment and smash all of his things”, etc. Maybe it’s all talk, but I’d just rather not be there. O, and he’s not Japanese by the way. He’s a huge black guy from the West Indies(I think). Speaking of him, he thought I was Japanese. o_0 I had been speaking in Japanese a little bit with Ikko, and the owner told me my accent sounded natural. He thought maybe one of my parents was black and the other was Japanese, and I had grown up in the states or something. But I told him both my parents were Jamaican.


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